What I eat in a day

February 7, 2018

I’ve wanted to post something like this for a while. In part because I really like food, but also because I love seeing what other people eat. Breastfeeding and being a vegetarian makes my diet especially interesting these days. So I figured I could document what a typical day of eating looks like for me. Isn’t this the most exciting post ever?


To be 100% honest, breakfast is probably my most boring meal of the day. I always have a cup of coffee first. Then depending on remy’s mood I make something for breakfast. If he’s particularly moody I’ll just grab a banana or a larabar, but if he’s cool with it or Ricky is home I’ll make something like pancakes or waffles. I used to make eggs EVERYDAY for breakfast because they’re full of protein and delicious and easy. But since being pregnant they tear my stomach up so I sadly just avoid them now.

7 am Seedy avocado toast with a sprinkle of everyday seasoning & an iced soy latte

Avocado toast is just easy to whip up while my shots of espresso pull so its a regular go to for me. I usually drink Trader Joe’s soy milk in my coffee because too much dairy causes green baby poops.



10 am Iced mocha latte, an Irish carbomb cupcake and a few bites of creme brûlée

Not really a typical day, but if someone gives me an opportunity to get out of the house I always take it. Today my mom and I stopped by the hall on franklin to get coffee. We were celebrating so I obviously overdid it on the chocolate.



I don’t eat lunch. Instead I snack about a million times a day. I usually just grab something easy like a string cheese or trail mix because I don’t have time to cook anything ever. If there are leftovers that’s even better!


1 pm Tuscan trail mix and water

I tend to snack while feeding remy just because it’s a nice unwinding time for me. But lately he gets really distracted because he is so curious about food lately and if I’m crunching on something he pops off and stares at me. Today was one of those days but it was funny so I just went with it. I’ve been loving the Tuscan trail mix from aldi.


Also, I suck at drinking water although I know it’s important to stay hydrated while breastfeeding. And I get soooo thirsty while breastfeeding. And even though I do it a million times a day I never remember to get water before I start so I’m always asking Ricky to grab me a water. Most of the time now he just brings one to me and I don’t have to ask. He’s nice I guess.

3 pm Soy iced matcha latte

I have coffee twice a day always. But my second cup is usually decaf or matcha especially if it’s after 3 pm. I’ve read that only about 10% of caffeine appears in breastmilk but I’m too afraid to experiment because remy has been so good at night and I want to keep it that way.

5 pm Handful of raspberries

I’m always hungry around this time and we don’t eat sometimes until after remy goes to bed so I usually snack on something light to hold me over.

I buy a few different fruits each week to snack on and I just rummage through it until I find something that sounds good.



My fav because I finally get to cook something and Ricky is home so it’s like therapy to me.

7 pm Refried pinto bean burritos with cilantro quinoa, spinach, baby broccoli, red onion, tomatoes, guac, and white cheddar cheese

Since Remy’s bedtime routine takes for ever, especially now that he’s started solids, we’ve been eating dinner after he goes down out of convenience. I hope soon we can sort it out so that we all eat dinner together, but I also like making sure he’s got a good routine so that’s where we’re at for now.

Right! So burritos for dinner. We always eat some kind of bean in tacos or burritos (garbanzo/pinto/black) and the quinoa is just added protein. I hate wasting produce so I threw some leftover baby broccoli in there. And guacamole, always.


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