Valentine’s Day gift guide for him

February 4, 2018

If your guy is like my guy and doesn’t really splurge on himself too often, this is the gift guide for you.

1 / A nice candle cause why not

2 / Retro bike for bicycle dates

3 / One of the best gifts I ever got Ricky was a v nice everyday watch

4 / If he’s into coffee this aeropress is supposedly the bees knees

5 / If your guy buys the same clothing item all the time from the hm $12 rack, get him a really nice version of it like this cashmere sweater

6 / Hair pomade-the thing he didn’t know he needed

7 / Chocolate. Duh. Even better if it’s local or quirky like this coffee chocolate bar

8 / A cheesy vday card

9 / A Pendleton towel to take along for a sweet picnic

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