Valentines day gift guide for her

February 1, 2018

Guys. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I started asking around for a babysitter a month ago and apparently that’s a very popular day for babysitting.

So we’ll be doing the usual at home except this year remy gets to hang too. Here are some ideas to pamper your girl this vday.

1 / nice candles always win me over

2 / matcha is very trendy right now and also would be a fun thing to try together

3 / treat her to a really nice nail polish. If she’s less of a diyer and likes to be pampered def take her to a spa for a mani pedi

4 / ditch the flowers and get a nice potted plant

5 / new scent who dis

6 / some fancy ass chocolates that you can (maybe) share. I always like local chocolates too!

7 / frisky socks to get frisky in

8 / I’m leaving this here for Ricky to find the mug I want for vday

9 / grab a fun pop art puzzle and a bottle of wine and avoid the crowds at home

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