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Pantry Refresh

January 20, 2018

I’m so excited to share our pantry organization finally. One of the things I really wanted to tackle last year was the chaos from moving (back in 2016..) and minimize some of the crap we’d accumulated. When we moved into the house we left most of our stuff in boxes because we knew we would have to box it back up when renovations started.

Well the reno is done and you wouldn’t believe it but that crap is still sitting in the same spot and has hardly been touched. It’s v annoying having a couple rooms dedicated to storing things and doubly so that they’re things we don’t even use. And since I’m home with remy now everything is magnified because I get to look at it all day long. So it’s 2018 now and I’m going to slowly start putting everything back together (or in the garbage/donate pile) one day at a time.

I hated our pantry from day one because it was truly an eyesore and it was v dungeony and old and I wish I had pictures to prove it but I’m also kinda happy that I don’t. Right before putting the floors in I ripped out the old shelving and Ricky fought me on it because I have this thing where I’m quick to throw things away but don’t really think of an immediate solution and he’d rather have an ugly pantry than none at all. And that’s valid because guess what, we haven’t had a flippin pantry for half a year. I threw all of our pantry items into an empty high chair box and we’ve been digging through it to find tahini and lentils ever since.

It started with a nice fresh coat of white paint. I love white paint. You can probably tell. It makes the paint roller a giant eraser and makes everything soo nice and clean. We also ripped the pantry doors out and thought we’d replace them but we actually kind of like the open look so we’re leaving it for now.

The previous shelves sat on a pretty simple system so we just slapped some white paint on it and called it a day. That’s pretty much where we ended the project about 7 months ago and as you can see it essentially became a house for our trash can and recycle bin.

Luckily before throwing the old shelves away I made a note of the dimensions and we replaced the shelves with project wood from Lowes and had them cut to size. I was pretty set on a light natural wood and am happy with how clean it looks.

Our house has this weird layout where the pantry is situated in a little hallway from the kitchen and leads to the dining room area. Before putting the new floors in there was basically just vinyl parque here. The new floors made a world of difference, but we also replaced the ugly boob light with a simple flush mount. It’s pretty incredible how much of a difference a simple light fixture can make. While we’re on that note, that chandelier in the background is gonna be gone v soon so please stop looking at it.

The best part of our pantry refresh was putting our pantry items back into the pantry. Like I said, most of our things were sitting in a big box and because it was sooo big and ugly it sat in our way back room. So any time I needed something like quinoa or beans I had to take a hike and do some squats. Ironically I did buy containers for the pantry way way before remy was born so I finally got to use those too. (Okay having a baby puts everything on the backburner..or..in a box with a bunch of junk in another room).

I’d never had one before, but I finally got a label maker this christmas and I’m v into it. It’s pretty cool because I can print right from my phone and all that good stuff so I got a little carried away and even asked Ricky if we needed to label the recycling bin. He said no but I still think I’m gonna slap one on there just in case someone gets confused.

Medicine is a pretty big deal now that we have a kid for safety purposes and such, so I made sure to throw all the ugly bottles of meds in a box too and put it at the tippy top shelf.

To organize everything, I put grains and pasta in pour containers and kept them all together. I don’t know why but I always make a whole box of pasta when I’m cooking for ricky and I-it always makes way too much food. So the pour spout kind of reminds me that I don’t actually need to use the whole thing. I also put other staple foods like rice and quinoa in containers because they’re things we always have.

I also got these airtight containers from ikea for sugars and flour. The box makes it v easy to scoop stuff out with a measuring cup and gone are the days of flour smoke clouds when rolling the bag shut. I also thew ricky’s cereal in a pour spout container and he was really happy about it.

And that’s about it. If it seems like our pantry is pretty bare that’s because it is. I threw away a lot of what was in our pantry box because a lot of it was expired or left open, but I’m def not mad about how tidy everything looks.

label maker / pour spout containers / airtight canisters / airtight boxes  / flushmount light

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