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DIY Clay Rainbow Ornaments

December 11, 2017

We decided we wanted to have lots of traditions now that we’re like a family. And since our ornament collection is pretty sparse, we made “an ornament a year” a tradition we want to take on. And what’s better than a handmade ornament?

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DIY Match Holder

November 27, 2017

We have some fun traditions in my family, some that we’ve stuck to (like big breakfasts), others we do every other year (like wear matching pj’s). One of my fav traditions is that we make handmade gifts for each other. My sisters are pretty good at it and they always end up being my fav of all the gifts!

This match holder is super simple and everyone has matches in an ugly box so it’s def not gonna be a useless gift! read more


DIY Vegan Jelly Face Mask

October 16, 2017

Leaving the house with a two month old is always really interesting. On the days leading up to Ricky’s days off I come up with these elaborate plans that always involve a 20 minute drive and I over romanticize what it’s going to be like. It pretty much never goes the way I plan, and always ends up with me deciding I can’t ever leave the house with Remy again (until a week later when I forget how hard it was and decide we can try again and..repeat).

But a few weeks ago I decided I just wanted a day to pamper myself. You take a bath and shave my legs for the first time since giving birth. And it couldn’t be just any bath, I needed to get a bath bomb which meant we needed to go to Lush which meant we had to drive to the mall. And because it was Ricky’s day off I thought, “we should do it as a family!”. I think you can see where this is headed. We made it to the mall okay, we even made it to Lush (although I made Ricky do laps with the baby around the mall while I was in there because that place can cause some major headaches) but omg did he cry until his face was purple on our way back to the car. And in the car on the way home. And for the next hour when we got home.

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Diy fancy soap bottles

October 5, 2017

Now that the bathrooms are done we wanted to add some finishing touches to make them feel more homey. And if you’re anything like me you’re a sucker for good branding and are willing to spend way too much money to achieve a certain look. Like $40 on a bottle of hand wash. Yep, I’ve done that.

But after having a baby and renovating the bathrooms money is tight. Okay, seriously we’re broke. But all hope is not lost, I’m here to help you achieve the fancy soap bottle look for less-waaay less.

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Rose & Rose Gift Baskets

June 24, 2017

So my baby shower is this weekend and I’m v excited. I mentioned before, I was actually debating on having a shower because I don’t really like all of the attention that comes with it. But my mom and sisters both insisted that I have one. I actually helped plan both of my sisters’ showers, so it’s going to be fun to see what they came up with! It’s odd not being able to help with it because I love doing that stuff-but this time I get to sit back and relax just once I guess.

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November 20, 2016

I have this thing with giving gifts, and Ricky can tell you, it can get really out of hand. And they’re usually in the form of a basket. And with Thanksgiving coming up, I couldn’t help but put together a gift for the hostess!

Usually for Thanksgiving my sisters and I get together at my parent’s place and my mom makes all of our favorite TG foods. We can’t have a TG without green bean casserole, cheesy mashed potatoes, and my mom’s seriously delicious pumpkin pie. I tried to follow her pumpkin pie recipe once and it just wasn’t the same. Have you ever had that? Where you make a dish and follow the recipe but all you can think of is the nostalgia of how much better it was when someone else made it? I think we’ve all experienced it. Anyways, this year we’re having TG at my sister’s new house. She moved in about a week ago and I figured I’d bring her a nice hostess gift.

Basket goods:

bowl / serving spoons / marble coasters / Aesop hand wash / artichoke / linen towels / magazine

Some other ideas:

incense / bottle opener / potato masher / candle / olive oil / wine