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The double shot on ice

September 22, 2017

I used to drink coffee like it was water. Back in college I worked at a few coffee shops that fueled this unhealthy addiction where I easily drank 8 shots of espresso in a day. It’s cool to work in a coffee shop cos you get to call yourself a barista and judge people based on their drinks and stuff. But when I got a new job with more defined hours and a bigger paycheck I really couldn’t afford all that free coffee I was getting on the daily. Luckily I was a barista so I knew how to make that stuff and guess what? It’s a million times cheaper to make it at home. A lot of people like to say, yeah it’s cheaper but it doesn’t taste as good when I make it at home. But all espresso drinks have two basic ingredients: espresso & milk. It’s just proportions and technique from there. 
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