Caffeine Lovers Gift Guide

November 22, 2017

Not everyone loves coffee, but I’m sure you know one of those people that can’t get through the day without at least two cups of coffee. I’m def one of those people.. especially since having a baby. This guide is for the caff-fiends (get it?) in your life!

1/ Every home should have a nice kettle. This one is very minimal and sleek, which is great because kettles are usually left out on the stovetop. If you’re looking for something more affordable we have this one and it’s also nice

2/ If your caffeine lover is into lattes & cappuccinos a frother is a great gift! You can basically make any kind of latte at home with a frother-def doesn’t have to be espresso-based

3/ Coffee beans are supposed to be kept in cool dark places, so gift a nice coffee canister and maybe fill it with some decent beans

4/ Not everyone loves coffee (or can tolerate it) and if not matcha is another great way to get a caffeine kick in. If you know someone that really likes matcha, I got this set recently. V affordable and would make a dope gift

5/ If you really really like a coffee lover you can gift them an espresso machine. I’m trying to get Ricky to like me enough for that one

6/ For those that have everrrything you can gift them a coffee scale. This one is like the macs of coffee scales

7/ Or you can never have too many nice coffee mugs

8/ A cleaning brush dedicated to cleaning coffee supplies. I know it would make a great gift

9/ This pretty french press has been on my list forever

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