About Me

Hello. I’m Sarah.

I live in Tampa with my husband Ricky and our two cats Beasley & Nanner. We’ve lived in Tampa for what seems like forever (but really forever). We travel cause we wish we lived somewhere else but would also really miss our families if we left. I spend a lot of my time attempting do-it-yourself projects (and most of the time getting really frustrated) and cooking up food stuffs and eating said food stuffs.


In 2013, I opened my Etsy shop The Rucksack Refinery-we like to call it “Rucksack” for short. Rucksack features minimal vegan friendly pouches that are mostly handmade with the help of my Juki sewing machine. I mean, I guess my hands did a lot of the work, but my sewing machine deserves some cred too. You can find my Etsy shop here.


Cooking, creating, and designing is what I love to do. Ricky and I once had a collaborated lifestyle blog called Cattail Down, which ran its course. Recently, though, we decided to get back in to blogging. Ricky is the creator behind A Modern Villian, a blog that focuses on villainy in the comic book and modern world. The Rucksack blog was created to feature minimal goods, vegetarian food, travel, and simple diy projects.

Thanks for stopping by!