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3-6 month favorites

January 26, 2018

Remy is 5.5 months old now and for whatever reason I can’t bring myself to say that he’s almost 6 months old. It makes me very sad to think how fast he’s grown and how he’ll never be so little again. But I’m also so excited for the future and all of the things he’ll learn and eat (I’m v excited for him to eat).

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of our favorites from the last few months-things we’re always using and the things he’s enjoyed the most. When Remy was about 3 months old I had absolutely no idea how to entertain him other than making funny noises and tickling and all that. So a lot of my google searches were “toys for 3 month old” and “how to play with 3 month old”. And honestly I foresee similar searches in my future. But to save any of you with a 3-6 month old a little bit of time, I put together what we actually used these last few months.

I’ve learned a lot this last month about sleep. Apparently being a parent is all about routine, and that’s good because I’m into it

1/ We’re in love with this sleepsack. It’s a big deal not to have blankets in the crib, and after Remy outgrew the swaddle we decided a wearable blanket would be the safest bet. This one is soooo soft and not too warm cause we live in Florida and it doesn’t get very cold here. They have different weights too if you’re looking for something warmer

2 / Having a monitor has been really handy. We currently have this one and it’s a v affordable option and doesn’t use wifi. But the battery kinda stinks and we have to have it plugged in all the time. I’ve heard really great things about this beauty though

3 / I mentioned this in the newborn essentials post, but we still really love our hatch baby rest. Remy sleeps so much better with white noise. It’s so easy to just turn on before you enter the bedroom and is one less thing to prep for at bedtime

4 / Remy is really okay with me leaving at naptime when he has his lovey. It’s just something that helps soothe him when I can’t

5 / Books! Endless supply of books! Reading a book before bedtime is part of our bedtime routine and we can’t get enough. One of our favs is I Want my Hat Back

6 / Primary has the best pjs. We get the footless ones because they have more wear but the footies are cute too

 We used to give Remy a bath every other day but now we do it every night since we realized he goes to bed better after. It’s my fav part of the day though because he loves it so it doesn’t bother me a bit

1 / We’ve used this bath support since he was little and he’s yet to outgrow it. It was actually gifted to us and we couldn’t do baths without it!

2 / This spout cover is just v cute

3 / We have a million wash cloths and our favorites are these from Burt’s bees. Remy really enjoys eating them too

4 / We have what seems like a lifetime supply of shampoo and body wash from our baby shower. But our faaaav is the body wash from tubby todd. They also have bubbly for the bath too

5 / Bath time is fun regardless, but these boats are really bright and grab remy’s attention and as a bonus they stack which is great for keep clutter down

6 / We still really dig these towels from Burt’s bees baby

1 / We got a foam mat pretty early on because we were having issues with our cats marking the rug in the living room. Ugh. The foam mat sits in our living room and it’s the designated play area. If you have cats too, though, our cats have destroyed it as well

2 / This rattle is one of Rem’s favorite toys. And it’s soft so when he slaps himself with it it’s nbd

3 / We call these wood keys Rem’s car keys because it’s his designated car seat toy

4 / If you buy anything off this list it should be this skip hop activity center. It’s hands down the best thing we’ve bought. It keeps him sooo entertained and also has really helped with neck strength and standing/turning. He seriously loves this thing because it has so many different types of toys and it also turns into a table for when he gets a bit bigger which is a plus. But at this point it’s paid for itself. ALSO it’s not crazy ugly like most baby things are. It is recommended for 4 months+ though so keep that in mind

5 / I really wanted a p stacker but I didn’t want to spend a million dollars. This one from ikea is nice and remy really enjoys chewing on the rings and watching me stack them

6 / As far as teething, he hasn’t really been bothered as of yet but he did have about a week of sleepless nights and awful drooling. It’s eased up a bit now but when he does want something to chew we give him this cooling teether that we usually keep in the freezer. I really dig that it’s filled with sterilized water vs some weird gel. I’m still trying to figure out why they call it a squash though because to me it looks more like a pear but whatevs

So remy isn’t actually eating solids yet because our pediatrician suggests waiting until 6 months but I know some babies start eating solids as early as 4 months so I wanted to include some of the things we’ve gotten in preparation for next week when he finally gets to try some stuff

1 / Def a splurge item and a food processor would work just as well but I’m really into this baby food cooker and it’s so so cute

2 / Bibs, one million bibs

3 / We have this high chair and we love it. We currently use it when we eat dinner and stick this dope high chair toy on it so we can eat dinner as a fam. The tray is magnetic which is v convenient and it’s also not an eyesore which is another plus

4 / These spoons are cute and silicone and expensive but whatever

5 / I’m planning on making baby food cause I’m home and I like cooking so I might as well and these cubes trays will making storing and freezing purees a breeze

6 / And a really pretty bowl and plate set

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