January 11, 2018

What a freaking year 2017 was. So many happy moments, tears, milestones and changes. I was looking back on my resolutions for this year and I really thought I’d be laughing at myself. There were def some goals I set forth that I really didn’t put any time into at all (like the shop), but I was happy to see that I did actually follow through with at least a few of the things on my list. As far as the blog goes, though, posts haven’t really been consistent, I’ve definitely maintained my focus here and it’s been a really fun creative outlet for me.

This year I don’t want to set forth resolutions, though, because you know what? I totally forgot about half of the crap I said I would do. Instead, these are some things I’m really looking forward to in 2018!

Family trips

For the majority of 2017 I was pregnant and we did the house reno and Ricky was training for a new gig, so we didn’t have a lot of time to travel. We did take a weekend trip to Melbourne but our last big trip was our wedding so we’re really really overdue for a vacay. We’ve got a small trip planned around a wedding we’re attending but I’ve got an itch to take a trip soon. We’ll also be going to Disney at the end of this month so we’ll see how that goes.

Name change

This is a big one for me. When Ricky and I got married I kept my last name. I could write a whole post on why, but long story short we’ve all got different surnames and we plan to change that this year. It’s a complicated process that’s expensive and time consuming and I’ll be happy when it’s done and over and everyone will know how to address us on our Christmas card this year and will be happy too.

Staying home

When I got pregnant I knew I wanted to stay home for longer than the standard bs maternity leave that’s usually offered. I guess I figured if I stayed home with my babe long enough I’d be ready to get back into it. By the time my 4 months was up, though, I couldn’t imagine going back.

I called a few weeks before I was expected to return and told my boss I just couldn’t do it. Since he had planned a vacation though I offered to work until he got back. Ricky and I worked opposite shifts watching Rem and working and it was absolutely awful. Not only did I only see Ricky for a few minutes a day, I was pumping at work and I hate hate hate pumping. For all you working mamas and exclusive pumpers I’ve got a lot of respect for you. Anyways, pumping sucks and cleaning all the parts and sterilizing everything is such a pain and it’s stressful making sure I was pumping enough and then coworkers walked in on me with my boobs out..I’m just so happy it was only for 2 weeks and I can go back to pumping once a day for my stash (which is also gone) now.

It was really hard because I love my job but I ultimately decided I love this kid a lot more. I dunno what the future holds, but I’m pretty excited about this big new change.

I hope you all had a great new year!

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