What’s in my hospital bag (round two)

June 21, 2019

At my last drs appointment we had an ultrasound that showed baby is already a whopping 7 pounds at 35 weeks. They made it clear that it could be inaccurate by a pound five or take, but regardless our baby is CHONKY. It’s still a little early but “induction” and “c-section” are weighing heavy on my mind rn so we decided to pack our bags just in case.

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third trimester and baby sprinkle

June 10, 2019

I can’t believe next month we’re going to have a baby!

The third trimester can be so bittersweet. To be honest, I’m done being pregnant and I have been for a while now, but I do try to enjoy the nice parts of it as this will most definitely be my last time. At 34 weeks, the fatigue has hit tenfold, the nausea is creeping back in, and the braxton hicks are nonstop! All the extra weight leaves me pretty exhausted and I take naps on the regular to be able to function with a high energy toddler. And as far as my weight goes I basically don’t even look at the scale anymore lol. I do feel like my body is falling apart most days. During my last pregnancy I developed carpel tunnel and it was odd but not really a big deal, so I wasn’t surprised when I got it again this time around. This time it’s just been 100 times worse and my fingers and toes are always so sore. It’s kind of strange. I’ve also had pretty high blood pressure consistently throughout my pregnancy. I was actually sent to the hospital for monitoring around 28 weeks because it got so high. Luckily they determined it was probably just white coat syndrome and sent me home but it was def scary. My mom ended up getting me a blood pressure monitor and although it is a little high, it’s not really “hospital” high so I’ve been okay there.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide in Mauve

April 27, 2019

Today’s mother’s day gift guide hue is mauve. I tried to think of a funny pun to say with mauve but I couldn’t think of a good one that wasn’t lame. So here are your links.

1 / This beet sunscreen my little sister is adamant is sposed to be the best so yeah rec by Kim lol

2 / I always feel like a good face mask is a p perfect gift

3 / This rose hair and body oil cause it smells great AND has two purposes

4 / A rose quartz facial roller

5 / Buttery soft mauve velvet pouch to put it all in

6 / A fancy new nail polish (or like a mani pedi appointment just sayin)

7 / Everyone needs a good lip balm

8 / Pretty blooms

9 / A fun lip powder that’s one shade fits all


Mother’s Day Gift Guide in Golden Yellow

April 21, 2019

Today’s mother’s day gift guide in hues is in my second favorite color rn-golden yellow! If you missed the first gift guide it was in sage, and can I just say that I’m getting just a little obsessed with these posts. It’s so fun!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide in Sage

April 18, 2019

Ricky and I often get into fights when it comes to gift giving because I put like a lot of time into it. And money lol. It’s probably because I love having a project, which is also a big reason I love to blog! But it can get a little out of hand. Anyways, with Mother’s Day coming up and the launch of my new velvet pouches, I thought I’d put together a few gift guides to help you through Mother’s Day since gift giving is like my fav!

Today’s gift guide is in my faaavorite hue right now: sage!

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What you need for your second (or third) baby

March 21, 2019

Our first and second will be almost two years apart (23 months to be exact) and when I found out I was pregnant, when my first was 14 months old, I was pretty confident that the list of necessities would be relatively small. I mean, for the most part we had everything you’d need for a baby. But then I found myself halfway through my pregnancy realizing I hadn’t bought a single thing for the new babe and I felt..overwhelmed. So for any mamas or papas out there who are trying to figure out what you need for your second (or third) baby, here’s a short list of what we came up with as necessities for when we welcome our second babe.

When you have your first you basically need ALL the things (if you’re having your first baby, you can find my list of newborn essentials here) And a lot of that stuff you really do hang on to for a while. We have lots of stuff for the baby phase still like a baby bath, playyard, nursing pillows, and even some clothes. But we were pretty naive and gave some of the stuff we might need away and we threw away most newborn clothes because they ended up with blowout stains (ew). So this list is obviously going to include some things that might not apply to you, but I did try to only include things that will be things you’ll likely have to buy seconds of.

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