5 months

January 15, 2018

Remy is 5 whole months old and he’s growing up so damn fast! This month has been full of giggles and leaps but also a few challenging moments.

Rem is pretty distracted these days. He loves to grab at everything: faces, phones, plates, toys. He wants it all and it usually goes straight into his mouth. He’s also started scratching at things, I guess to get a feel for textures and stuff. It’s not nice when he does it on my boob when he’s eating though so I’m always reminded to cut his little dagger fingernails.

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January 11, 2018

What a freaking year 2017 was. So many happy moments, tears, milestones and changes. I was looking back on my resolutions for this year and I really thought I’d be laughing at myself. There were def some goals I set forth that I really didn’t put any time into at all (like the shop), but I was happy to see that I did actually follow through with at least a few of the things on my list. As far as the blog goes, though, posts haven’t really been consistent, I’ve definitely maintained my focus here and it’s been a really fun creative outlet for me.

This year I don’t want to set forth resolutions, though, because you know what? I totally forgot about half of the crap I said I would do. Instead, these are some things I’m really looking forward to in 2018!

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4 Months

December 14, 2017

We’re at the point now where we can look back on old photos of Remy and say “look how little he was!” And I know that’s only going to be more obvious as time goes on, but seriously how is he already 4 months old?

Remy is almost 15 pounds now and he’s 25 inches long! He had his 4 month shots the other day and his doctor says he’s doing great and we even started talking about introducing solids in a month or so. We’re so not ready to start feeding him real food, but are also really excited about seeing his reaction to veggies and stuff. His shots were pretty brutal this time around and he ended up spiking a fever afterwards. I knew he’d eventually get a fever or get sick, but I guess I didn’t prepare myself enough for it because I had a total first time mom moment and freaked out. After lots of Tylenol and snuggles he’s returned to his happy state (and I’m still kind of recovering).

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DIY Clay Rainbow Ornaments

December 11, 2017

We decided we wanted to have lots of traditions now that we’re like a family. And since our ornament collection is pretty sparse, we made “an ornament a year” a tradition we want to take on. And what’s better than a handmade ornament?

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DIY Match Holder

November 27, 2017

We have some fun traditions in my family, some that we’ve stuck to (like big breakfasts), others we do every other year (like wear matching pj’s). One of my fav traditions is that we make handmade gifts for each other. My sisters are pretty good at it and they always end up being my fav of all the gifts!

This match holder is super simple and everyone has matches in an ugly box so it’s def not gonna be a useless gift! read more