Our house

Main Bathroom Renovation

February 22, 2018

Guys I’m finally getting around to showing you our main bathroom remodel! It was actually finished back in August and now that we’re returning to a little bit of normalcy I figured it was finally time.

I love this bathroom. It’s actually supposed to be Remy’s and the guest bathroom but our master bath is nowhere near as nice so we’re always using this one.

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6 Months

February 19, 2018

Soo much has happened this month with Remy and I can’t believe he’s already half a year old! This kiddo puts a smile on everyone’s face and most of all he’s making me very old with all the smile wrinkles he’s giving me (the best kind of wrinkles imo). I dunno if it’s just that everyone loves a baby or that Remy is so cute but it sometimes feels like I’m carrying around a mini celeb.

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DIY Peace Tee

February 10, 2018

Baby clothes can be ridiculously expensive sometimes. I’ve seen a really cute tee floating around on instagram that I’ve wanted to buy for remy for the longest, but I can’t bring myself to buy a $45 tshirt that he’s going to wear for 2 months. So I obviously just resorted to making something similar myself and I’m pretty happy with it! And then I’d only have to buy a larger white shirt and make another one when he grows out of this so it’s like a win win win.

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What I eat in a day

February 7, 2018

I’ve wanted to post something like this for a while. In part because I really like food, but also because I love seeing what other people eat. Breastfeeding and being a vegetarian makes my diet especially interesting these days. So I figured I could document what a typical day of eating looks like for me. Isn’t this the most exciting post ever?

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Valentine’s Day gift guide for him

February 4, 2018

If your guy is like my guy and doesn’t really splurge on himself too often, this is the gift guide for you.

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Valentines day gift guide for her

February 1, 2018

Guys. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I started asking around for a babysitter a month ago and apparently that’s a very popular day for babysitting.

So we’ll be doing the usual at home except this year remy gets to hang too. Here are some ideas to pamper your girl this vday.

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